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Carambola's native, interactive content enrichment units boost user engagement and create instant new revenue sources. Our patent pending technology dynamically matches our units to your site's unique layout offering the best engaging content from our library.
  • UX
    User initiated, beautiful, native experience
  • Monetization
    An average of 25%-45% immediate CPM lift
  • Content
    Safe, professional & matched to your articles
  • Integration
    Served via DFP or one line of js hard coded in the page
  • Quiz
  • Facts
  • On This Day
  • Tips
Our Contextual Units can be added anywhere within your pages, desktop and mobile, providing premium, relevant interactive content natively & editorially.
"Finally, a new revenue stream that both sales and editors are excited about. Testing Carambola turned out to be one of the most effective things we've done this year"
Vicky Hsu, VP Marketing, Bauer Media
"Carambola provides us with new and creative content monetization solutions that enhance the user experience, drive engagement, and provide incremental revenue. Carambola's team is dedicated and helpful. I highly recommend that publishers take advantage of the unique products and competitive rates that they have to offer"
Taylor Trippe, Operations Manager, Abrams Media
"Carambola has given us some of the highest CPMs of all the interactive advertising sources we've worked with. Their representatives are courteous and accessible. They have responded quickly to recommendations and changes. The Carambola placements themselves perform well and most importantly are non-intrusive. We want to make sure our user experience--and advertising--is the best it can be"
Jennifer Moss, Founder & CEO,
"We are very happy with Carambola - they consistently deliver professionalism, quality and value to us and we are very excited to continue our partnership in the future"
Paul Schneider, Director, Programmatic Sales at Spin Media
"The Carambola native unit has been a game changer for us. Not only have we been able to provide targeted content to our users, but we also increased our earnings substantially. With customized content, responsive design and interactive features to engage the audience, this isn't just another ad unit. Because of this, we have successfully integrated Carambola across our diverse network with consistent results regardless of niche"
Chris Kite, Founder at Code 9 Media, Inc.
  • 500K+ original, brand safe content pieces
  • Quizzes, facts, quotes, bios, polls
  • Created by professional content experts
  • Continuously updated
  • Covering 25 content categories
  • Artfully crafted to engage
Carambola has built the technology to automatically understand the context of web pages on the fly. Multiple simultaneous algorithms enable us to recognize categories, subjects, people, TV shows, sports teams and many other features that are all used to provide the user with the most relevant content from our library.
Our unit is highly optimized to fit precisely onto the publisher's site in terms of size, colors and layouts. The scalable backend insures instant delivery of contextual content to hundreds of millions of visitors per month.
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About us
Carambola is a unique, publisher focused platform that creates new revenue streams for premium publishers, while enhancing the experience on their pages - rather than damaging it.
The combination between Carambola's ability to deeply understand publishers' pages and our premium, original content library (artfully crafted by professional writers and editors) enables us to set a new bar when it comes to users engagement and satisfaction. Backed by Tier-1 VC, our goal is to become publishers' preferred and trusted choice.
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